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Tiger Street Food Toolkit - Elevate Your Street

Mention street food and most people think ‘traditional’ and ‘old’. Some even think it’s dying. Yet new, creative forms of street food are emerging that few know about. Reimagined by the ones who make them, the people who enjoy them, and the ones who’ll take them further.

So for Tiger Street Food Festival 2020, the team gave the platform a glimpse into the future — by throwing the spotlight on progressive, elevated street food. And providing next-gen chefs with a global stage to showcase their unique spins on a cultural and culinary staple. This toolkit, upon its completion, is given to the interested markets to use and adapt to bring the Festival to life.

Agency: The Lab
Business Director: Leon Lai
Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Koh
Creative Director: Kevin Poh
Art Director: Joan Chong
Copywriter: Nicole Sze
3D Designer: John Na
Account Director: Benedict Lim
Account Manager: Charisse Cham
Content Manager: Charissa Kow
Social Media Manager: Nicolette-Clare Ong