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Tiger Beer Japan: Olympic Village Proposal

Currently, Japanese have very little knowledge about what is BLADE, how it works and how it can potentially operate in different occasions. Due to its compact size and simple no-fuss functions, you could say that Blade is the future of beer consumption.

With the arrival of the Olympics, we can expect a whole bunch of craziness and hustle and bustle in Tokyo. So what better time than that to introduce a little simplicity and convenience? Especially considering Japanese’s love for convenience stores.

The proposed concept was to create a BLADE CVS store for consumers to have a quick and fuss-free experience of getting beers, poured and served by themselves.

This allows the consumers to have a first hand experience of how easy it is to use the machines and also to showcase to potential business partners of the limitless possibilities in collaborating for the product in stores with either limited space area or even working around tight lean budgets.

Agency: GOVT Pte Ltd
Creative Director: Kevin Poh
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Joseph
Creative Group Head: Zac Tan
Art Director: Joan Chong
3D Designer: Cheryl Tan
Copywriter: Kevin Joseph