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Shermay’s Singapore Fine Food

Shermay’s Singapore Fine Foods creates the most authentic Singaporean taste experience and lets us discover the old taste of Singapore. The brand’s range of products are created based on Shermay’s family recipes and Singapore’s rich culinary heritage. It includes convenient ready-to-eat condiments, such as chilli sauce, ginger garlic sauce, and ready-to-cook marinades.

Inspired by her grandmother, Mrs Lee Chin Koon – a grand dame of Peranakan cuisine in Singapore, Shermay captures the heart of her family and local culinary traditions through her sauces. The plum symbol holds significant meaning in Shermay’s Chinese name — 雪梅. It portrays and best describes herself — being able to blossom even in the toughest conditions, which is a similar trait in both Shermay and her grandmother.

The brand’s range of products have since expanded with prawn crackers and bitternut crackers perfect for dipping, to give consumers a complete experience of its condiments, and Mrs Lee Chin Koon’s unique Nonya Curry Powder recipe.

Agency: BLACK Design Pte Ltd
Creative Director: Jackson Tan
Designer: Lin Junyao, Jolene Low, Joan Chong
Project Manager: Charice Chan