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SG Heart Map: Home is Where the Heart Is

SG Heart Map is a key project of SG50 that brought Singaporeans together to collectively define and celebrate what home means to us. It produced the nation’s first-ever crowdsourced map of memories and spaces we hold dear.

Designed to uncover the personal experiences of those who share our city, we gathered 100,000 stories over a two-year period. From this diversity of narratives emerged a vision we could all identify with: a version of home—mapped out across the 50 locations of our Heart Map—that represents what we are inspired by, and aspire to.

In collaboration with seven artists, the stories of these spaces were interpreted through our curation of film, sound, illustration, photography, literary work and various other art forms.

Agency: BLACK Design Pte Ltd
Creative Director: Jackson Tan
Designer: Lin Junyao, Joan Chong, Bernando Nurtjahana
Project Manager: Charice Chan
ONG&ONG – Co-curator | SWARM – Data Visualisation
PICO – Event and Exhibition Production | Royston Tan – Filmmaker
Michael Ng Mindflyer – Illustrator | Zul Mahmod – Sound Artist
Kenny Leck, BooksActually | Urban Sketchers Singapore
Gwen Lee, DECK | TMRRW – Film and Animation