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Children’s Festival 2017 @ Gardens by the Bay

An imaginative habitat where adventures take place in a colourful prehistoric garden was created for the year of 2017’s Children’s Festival at Gardens by the Bay. The highlight of the festival were the 11 larger-than-life animatronic dinosaur sculptures that moved and roared, nestled within the Supertree Grove. They were complemented with a program of performances, terrarium making, fossil excavation workshops, hunt trails and carnival rides and games.

Shared by the media and members of the public as ‘real’ and likened to the action-packed scenes of Jurassic Park, the Dye-Nosaur Gardens was a unique experience in which visitors could get close to giant dinosaurs, while being introduced to the ecosystem and flora and fauna of the Gardens by the Bay.

Agency: BLACK Design Pte Ltd
Creative Director: Jackson Tan
Designers: Joan Chong, Bernando Nurtjahjana
PICO – Event and Exhibition Production